Blame it on me


I wake up early but I want to stay in bed
I complain cause my life is terrible
and I am miserable
I want to blame it on you cause I spend time with you
I want to blame it on the system cause is telling me what to do
I want to blame it on my background cause I don’t have a strong passport
I want to blame it on my parents for not being rich
I want to blame it on my neighbors for listening loud music
But I have to blame it on me

The older humans, the other generations
The baby boomers, they have the money
They play the cards and the rules
they throw shit at millennials
and they make millennials look like shit
They block the young people to get a car,
get a house, a good job just to survive
They create inequality in the world
both opportunity wise and financially

I want to sing, I want to live
I want to share goods with everybody
I want to cry and laugh at the same time
Work together with other brilliant minds
Make the world a better place for the world itself
Save the planet, save humanity, save the trees and galaxy
We could all belong together
We could all blame it on them
But unfortunately I have to blame it on me…


The two ducks


Now you’ve temporally left me

Two weeks
Now in the first hours I feel lost
I don’t know where to start my day from
Cleaning my studio
Going for grocery shopping
Prepare for my date that I will be having tonight
Or I might as well drink a glass of whiskey
But I should wait at least until noon
Don’t want to look like an alcoholic
Because we both know
I don’t like alcohol unless I drink it in good company
On my way home I passed through the park
Ugly day, like always
And two ducks walking in front of me
They were like us
A clumsy and confused green headed duck
Which was me
And an elegant and great orientated brown one
Which was you
They were so lovely that I had to send you a picture with them
And you’ve also thought the role distribution was accurate
You have a nice picture with me hairy and full beard
Just as you like me
It lies in your purple wallet
If anyone asks
You say I’m your husband

I wish I had the time


The sound of your pen on the yellow paper
Is distracting me from capital budgeting
How can I concentrate when I imagine you as a hen?
Each 300 pages of Bokowski you lay an egg
I mean, a poem
And I have to suffer here
learning about dividends and repurchases
I won’t explain you what’s about cause you’d get bored
I get bored
I wish I could write all day long
I wish I had the time
To stay with you in the same room
Watch you write about your lover
Watch you smoke a cigarette
With the door at the balcony open
Which I feel it is open now
Cause its getting chilly in here

They know more than us

Remember that time when you were younger?
That time when you though you knew everything
Just with a short information you could open a new world
Knowledge, that is what we love
Apart from drugs and whiskey

But they, the ones up there, portraying themselves as Gods
They know more than us, they know how to destroy us
They know aliens exist and they have them as allies
They know disease would decrease the number of humans
And they know we are weak and will let them govern us to extinction

What’s new?

The year is new, the house is new and I am new
I am not talking only about my new clothes in my new closet
But also my new hair colour and my new attitude
It seems that since Venus was transiting my first house I’ve become handsomer
My eyes are more relaxed behind my new glasses
And my new smile, well that has always been there, nothing new about that

What I really mean is that I changed as we all do at a certain point
In time we will look back at us nowadays and smile
For whichever reason, either your ugly favorite pants or the hilarious song you keep playing
It is nice to know that a change is gonna come
But it will come when you learn to mind of your own business and do what you have to do
Keep your dirty filthy nose away from other people, they won’t bring you success

I have friends, I don’t change that even though a new friend might shine in my life every day
My friends are poets, actors, musicians, doctors, psychologists, teachers and junkies
But I love them for their uniqueness and what their presence bring into my life
Which is happiness, love, care, feeling of belonging and they give me ideal food for my brain
They are young and still working on becoming greater, wiser and more powerful
Unfortunately it looks like a long way to go, just because they do things right
If only they would open their eyes and see that in charge are still the uneducated sneaky ones

Andi and Benny


As the summer ends we look for new beginnings
We listen to people and scan their qualities
So did Benny, on a rainy Sunday in September
We talked about love, friends and something I cannot mention

My eyes were shining when we were talking about love
She said: We can be my friend cause you have a good heart
Then suddenly we saw a clear sky and the Sun shone from above
It was a new beginning for both of us, a new friend, a work of art

A year flew, underlined by our magic vibe and unconditional love
We had to go, we had to split. But how can we do such a thing?
We were meant to be together, I was the brother and she was my sister
But different roads are meant to connect other points in future time

To Giggle


As the seasons past away
People go, but Giggle stays
So small, so cute, so loud
I couldn’t imagine my life without

We all need a giggle in our world
An infinite sweetness that last forever
No matter how cold may be the weather
The fire ignites always brighter when you have

When my world is dark and I cannot see the light
The lioness comes graciously to clear my mind
She takes the Sun from the top of the sky
No one makes me smile like hers unique style
Love you Giggle!